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Actnova Secures $3M Funding for Breakthrough AI-driven Animal Behavior Analysis Platform

2024-02-07 2 min read

Actnova Secures $3M Funding for Breakthrough AI-driven Animal Behavior Analysis Platform

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Actnova, a Korean AI SaaS solution developer, the brains behind the animal behavior testing platform ‘Actverse,’ has secured a noteworthy KRW 3.3 billion($3M) in pre-series A funding. Led by Hana Ventures, the investment also saw participation from A Ventures and Fast Ventures

Notably, Actnova, a spin-off from KAIST, had previously received a KRW 500 million seed investment from Kakao Ventures in 2022, and selected the TIPS program in 2023.

Actnova utilizes AI and web platform technologies to analyze behavioral symptoms in animal models, primarily focusing on the development of treatments for brain disorders like dementia and Parkinson’s disease. The recent funding will support Actnova’s global expansion, product launches, and collaborations with research institutes and pharmaceutical companies. The company’s innovative approach involves leveraging machine learning to quantify complex behaviors, traditionally challenging to measure, significantly automating the symptom diagnosis process.

This investment aligns with Actnova’s strategic emphasis on collaborations with MIT and the Broad Institute, international market entry, and the growing interest from global customers in its SaaS products. 

Actnova’s technology has already found applications in research collaborations with institutions such as the Korea Brain Research Institute and Daegu Medivalley, underscoring its potential in real-world research settings.

Hana Ventures stressed the rising demand for objective information and quantification through the automated analysis of animal behavior, citing Actnova’s significant references across global academia and industry. 

Actnova’s CEO, Kim Dae-geon, expressed gratitude for securing substantial investment in a challenging environment, highlighting the potential to position the company as a global startup within the Korean biotech industry. 

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