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DBDLAB Launches Diby’s Global User Research Service for Startups

2024-02-13 2 min read


DBDLAB Launches Diby’s Global User Research Service for Startups

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South Korean company DBDLAB announced on February 13th that it has launched its B2B service for user research operations, Diby, on a global scale.

Diby offers a comprehensive service for conducting various types of user research, including usability tests, interviews, and surveys, specifically targeting international clients. This service facilitates demographic targeting, encompassing age, occupation, hobbies, and more, across over 100 countries. It also enables pre-screening of respondents for preferences on topics such as K-beauty or K-Pop through specific screening questions.

According to a survey on open innovation trends among Fortune Global 500 companies conducted by the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), Korean startups scored 7.4 out of 10 points for technological competitiveness (with Silicon Valley as the benchmark), but their readiness for global expansion (6.1 points) and the uniqueness of their business models (6.4 points) were rated relatively lower. The survey suggested that a significant barrier to global expansion for startups is a lack of market information. Furthermore, a detailed investigation by the Korea Venture Business Association indicated that 41.1% of companies identified the absence of information about local customers and markets as the most significant challenge in overseas expansion. This highlights the necessity for more than just translation; there’s a critical need for localization, which currently relies heavily on indirect information from internet searches.

Diby, an acronym for “Do it better yourself,” is a B2B service aimed at optimizing the increasingly demanding process of user research. It allows for the quick targeting and collection of responses from desired participants, offering unique research types such as card sorting and tree tests, which are currently exclusive to the Korean market. Diby is experiencing rapid growth and is employed by unicorns and large corporations, including Toss, Danggeun Market, and LG Uplus, that have integrated user research into their operations.

A notable aspect of Diby’s global research is its focus on startup support programs provided by accelerators and incubators, such as university entrepreneurship support units and creative economy innovation centers. Jisoo Kang, CEO of DBDLAB, stated, “For startups preparing for international expansion, it’s crucial to have authentic feedback from local customers obtained not through searches, but through direct communication with them.” She added, “We aim to provide an environment where companies can initiate any type of user research they need, whenever they want, to quickly, easily, and affordably gather responses from locals in the target countries.”

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