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Altoon, Alwayz’s Webtoon Service, Hits 1M Users in 2 Weeks

2024-02-15 < 1 min read

Altoon, Alwayz’s Webtoon Service, Hits 1M Users in 2 Weeks

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Levit, the company behind the Korean mobile team purchase commerce platform Alwayz, revealed that its webtoon service “Altoon” has achieved over 1 million users and 100 million KRW in transactions within just two weeks since its launch on February 1st.

Altoon aims to enhance Alwayz’s entertainment offerings by featuring webtoons popular among female users aged 35-50. Despite having just one non-exclusive work available on other platforms, Altoon generated around 70 million KRW in sales within two weeks.

An Alwayz representative mentioned, “Altoon successfully attracted a new customer base previously untapped by the webtoon market.”

Jaeyoon Kang, CEO of Levit, emphasized, “Altoon is a step towards realizing Alwayz’s vision of enjoyable shopping.”

Alwayz has received a total of 26 billion KRW in investment, including 13.3 billion KRW from Mirae Asset Capital, Mirae Asset Venture Investment, Korea Investment Partners, GS Ventures, and Klim Ventures in September 2022.

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