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Sorcerics Secures Initial Investment for AI-Based Ambient Computing Tech

2024-02-21 2 min read


Sorcerics Secures Initial Investment for AI-Based Ambient Computing Tech

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Sorcerics, an AI startup in South Korea founded by alumni of global big tech companies, has secured seed funding from Mashup Ventures (previously known as Mashup Angels) and DEVSISTERS VENTURES.

Sorcerics is dedicated to developing AI-based ambient computing technology, with the goal of providing users a seamless experience in utilizing smart devices in their daily lives without the need for direct commands or interventions, leveraging ambient computing technology.

The Sorcerics team is composed of co-founders with backgrounds at Google and Microsoft, alongside a team equipped with capabilities in AI technology development and engineering expertise. The team is spearheaded by CEO Hyunjong Ryu, who was involved in developing IoT projects and TensorFlow machine learning optimization algorithms at Google, and includes CTO Wonseok Yoo, who contributed to the development of Google Search and Google Maps, as well as COO Kyungah Kwon, formerly of Microsoft headquarters. The team is further bolstered by top-tier engineers, including KAIST Ph.D. graduates.

Currently, Sorcerics is developing the “Sorcerics Lens,” which intelligently recognizes users and their situations to automatically provide suitable smart device services. By employing vision AI, the Sorcerics Lens detects the environment and the user’s condition, allowing for the organic control of smart devices such as adjusting indoor temperatures and lighting according to the surroundings. Moreover, it aims to offer features that enable automatic contact with external agencies in the event of security or safety concerns, like crimes or fires, while also serving as a home assistant by offering wake-up alerts, recommending clothing based on the weather, and delivering beverages.

Eunwoo Park, a partner at Mashup Ventures, remarked, “With its highly developed software and appliance industries, South Korea presents the perfect setting for creating AI products based on smart devices. We anticipate that the founding team, with their proven technological prowess in big tech, will adeptly address customer issues in the AI era, surpassing large corporations.”

Hyunjong Ryu, CEO of Sorcerics, stated, “Our founding mission is to reduce the complexity of using smart devices and ensure that everyone can easily enjoy their benefits. We aim to enhance the quality of our product through systematic field testing, beginning with the launch of a demo version in the first half of this year.”

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