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DenComm Secures KRW 10B in Series A2 to Advance Dental AI Tech and Global Expansion

2024-02-22 2 min read


DenComm Secures KRW 10B in Series A2 to Advance Dental AI Tech and Global Expansion

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DenComm, a pioneering South Korean startup specializing in AI voice recognition for dentistry, has successfully secured KRW 10 billion in Series A2 financing. This latest round elevates the company’s total funding to over KRW 16 billion.

Coming about 15 months after a KRW 6 billion Series A round in November 2022, this funding effort was spearheaded by STASSETS INVESTMENT, with notable contributions from DSC Investment, TS INVESTMENT, Hana Securities, and KB Securities. Noteworthy is the continued investment from TS INVESTMENT and Hana Securities.

At the heart of DenComm’s innovation is Densper™, a cutting-edge AI voice recognition engine tailored specifically for the dental industry. Densper™ integrates specialized dental voice data and advanced natural language processing technologies to deliver unparalleled voice recognition performance within the dental field. It achieves an impressive speech-to-text accuracy rate of over 99% and supports a variety of languages, including Korean, English, and French.

Building on the foundational technology of Densper™, DenComm has expanded its portfolio to include a range of voice AI solutions. One such innovation, Voice Charting, enables doctors to effortlessly generate digital charts through voice commands, a crucial feature for situations where manual input is impractical. Additionally, the company offers a multilingual consultation solution for treating foreign patients and a Voice Viewer Controller, which allows for voice-activated management of dental imaging, including CT scans.

With this new influx of capital, DenComm plans to bolster its R&D team, enhance its AI infrastructure and data sets, and intensify its global marketing initiatives. A significant part of this strategy includes setting up a subsidiary in the United States within the first half of the year to tailor solutions that meet the specific needs and preferences of the local market, as part of its aggressive international expansion strategy.

Byung-jun Lim, CEO of DenComm, remarked, “Our mission is to drive innovation in healthcare through AI technology that’s finely tuned for dentistry, aiming to elevate the quality of medical services. This recent investment not only marks a pivotal milestone for our venture into the global arena but is also expected to significantly bolster our competitive edge internationally. With this foundation, we are poised for robust sales growth, both domestically and abroad.”

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