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Pozalabs Expands into US Market, Aiming to Revolutionize Music Creation with AI

2024-02-28 2 min read


Pozalabs Expands into US Market, Aiming to Revolutionize Music Creation with AI

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Korean AI music creation company Pozalabs is making a significant move into the US music market with the establishment of its American corporation.

Last year, Pozalabs finalized its US entity and established a foothold in Los Angeles, where major music labels and film production companies are concentrated. The company aims to actively pursue collaboration opportunities within the local entertainment industry.

To spearhead this initiative, Vice President Tae-hyun Kim has been appointed as the head of Pozalabs America, tasked with boosting the company’s share in the North American music sales market. Kim, a former Hyundai Mobis employee, oversees the development of the company’s core AI model and growth strategies.

In January, Pozalabs launched the open beta of its AI music generation service, LAIVE, globally. Despite minimal marketing, LAIVE achieved impressive results, attracting 13,000 subscribers and a 78% conversion rate from registration to music creation within its first month.

Additionally, Pozalabs is set to participate in ‘SXSW (South by Southwest) 2024’ in Austin, Texas, in March, to promote LAIVE globally. SXSW is a comprehensive arts festival covering film, interactive media, and music. The company plans to host a demonstration booth to engage with stakeholders from various industries, including gaming, advertising, and film, to explore B2B partnerships.

Vice President Tae-hyun Kim of Pozalabs commented, “Establishing a US corporation offers an opportunity for Pozalabs’ technology to gain international recognition. We are committed to using AI technology to introduce a new culture of creation to users around the world.”

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