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Korean AI Chatbot ‘HelloBot’ Selected for Google Play Global Featured

2024-02-08 2 min read


Korean AI Chatbot ‘HelloBot’ Selected for Google Play Global Featured

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Thingsflow, a South Korean AI content company, announced on February 8th that its AI chatbot, HelloBot, has been selected for Google Play’s Global Featured section.

HelloBot is a pioneering first-generation AI chatbot platform in South Korea. It provides a B2C platform that enables anyone to easily create and distribute chatbots. The platform offers chatbots with unique specialties, including Llamama for love tarot readings, Bobby for personality and psychological analyses, and Panmingming for fortune-telling.

Additionally, it has been gaining popularity by continuously updating new services, such as the “Pet AI Profile,” which generates various images from uploaded pet photos using generative AI technology.

Following its selection for the Global Featured, HelloBot is slated to be made available to users in Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Thingsflow attributed HelloBot’s selection to several factors: the addition of a generative AI-based free speech feature that enables conversations as natural as those with a human, the development of a palm reading engine incorporating AI technology, and the introduction of an automatic translation system that facilitates multilingual support.

This marks the first time a domestic AI chatbot service has been selected for Google Play’s Global Featured. For B2C chatbot services, engaging in natural conversations with users, based on context, is essential, and breaking into foreign markets has posed significant challenges. Thingsflow has responded by actively integrating AI technology to continuously improve its service, culminating in its selection for Google Play’s Global Featured.

In light of this selection, Thingsflow plans to explore the demand for chat-based content in the global market. In Singapore, where purchasing power is high, the company intends to assess the demand for content payments. Meanwhile, in the populous countries of the Philippines and Malaysia, it will examine user traffic and other metrics to further refine its service.

Soo-ji Lee, CEO of Thingsflow, expressed her excitement about introducing HelloBot, which has been beloved in South Korea for many years, to the global market. She stated, “We will actively use AI technology to become the first B2C chatbot to achieve monetization.”

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