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Dinoz Secures Pre-Series A for ‘Yugacrew’, Boosting Parenting Community Platform

2024-03-04 2 min read


Dinoz Secures Pre-Series A for ‘Yugacrew’, Boosting Parenting Community Platform

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The Korean company Dinoz, which operates the neighborhood-based parenting community platform ‘Yugacrew’, has successfully secured pre-Series A funding. This investment round was led by Mashup Ventures, with ThanksVentures joining as a new investor, and BonAngels Venture Partners, an existing seed investor, also participating in this round of funding.

Dinoz runs ‘Yugacrew’, an app that serves as a community for mothers of children under six years old. It distinguishes itself by being neighborhood-focused and offers a variety of services including customized matching for parenting buddies (Jjakcrew), communal parenting programs (Onedaycrew), local mom meetups (Free Meeting), and a job board (CareerTalk) that accommodates parents’ needs.

‘Jjakcrew’, one of Yugacrew’s flagship features, connects mothers with local parenting friends on a one-on-one basis. It utilizes a proprietary algorithm that matches parenting friends based on a range of parenting profile data, such as where they live, the timing of their child’s birth, the number of children, employment status, and interests. This approach, which relies on both quantitative and qualitative data, has led to more than 65% of app-made connections transitioning to offline meetups.

Yugacrew has experienced significant growth, largely driven by word-of-mouth among mothers, with an organic influx rate exceeding 70%. Including the Jjakcrew service, the total number of parenting friend connections made last year reached 20,000, with the service’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) hitting 96%. Currently, the service is available in 16 districts within Seoul, with plans to further increase user benefits through partnerships with parenting support centers, health centers, and libraries across 12 districts.

Eunwoo Park, a partner at Mashup Ventures, praised Dinoz for its rapid market penetration underpinned by exceptional user satisfaction and retention rates. He also expressed enthusiasm for the potential global expansion of Yugacrew, leveraging Korea’s advanced parenting market as a foundation.

Lee Gayoung, Co-CEO of Dinoz, highlighted the dual impact of Yugacrew, noting, “When a mother finds a neighborhood parenting friend through Yugacrew, it also means her child gains a peer friend.” She ambitiously added, “We aim to quickly expand our operational areas to connect even more mothers and children.”

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