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Naver unveils the World’s First Web Platform-enabled OS for Robotics at LEAP 2024

2024-03-06 2 min read

Naver unveils the World’s First Web Platform-enabled OS for Robotics at LEAP 2024

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Team NAVER is set to participate in the LEAP 2024 global tech exhibition in Saudi Arabia, presenting its cutting-edge technologies that lay the groundwork for global expansion. 

LEAP, hosted by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, is the largest tech exhibition in Saudi Arabia, with over 170,000 visitors from 183 countries last year. Team NAVER’s booth, located in Hall 1 – Big Tech, alongside global giants like Google, Apple, Meta, AWS, MS, and IBM, is showcasing its expertise in various tech domains.

Opening its exhibition under the theme “Global Tech Convergence Company” on March 4, Team NAVER aims to highlight “K-Tech,” covering search, hyperscale AI, cloud, data center, robotics, and autonomous driving until March 7. On the second day, Dr. Sang-ok Seok, CEO of NAVER LABS, will deliver a keynote on “Tech Convergence for Future Cities,” discussing global technological advancements, including AI, robotics, autonomous driving, cloud, digital twin, and XR.

The keynote will unveil “ARC mind powered by Whale OS,” the world’s first web platform-enabled OS for robotics. This innovation allows developers to seamlessly integrate web applications into robot services, providing a specialized web API for robot control, recognition, and movement. ARC mind’s lightweight structure, real-time Over-the-air updates, and features for hardware and software control make it stand out in the robotics OS landscape.

In addition to ARC Mind, Team NAVER will unveil the next-generation Robotics Edge Computing Platform developed in collaboration with Samsung Electronics’ System LSI Division. This project aims to integrate NAVER’s operating system and software solutions with Samsung’s semiconductor solutions, including SoC and image sensors, to create a comprehensive Robotics Edge Computing Platform, accelerating the adoption of robotics in everyday life.

“The OS was developed by converging web platform technology from NAVER CLOUD’s Whale and robotics software technology from NAVER LABS, and will create the optimal environment to develop and provide a wider variety of robots and robotic services to future cities,” said a spokesperson from NAVER. “This will open up a new field of robotics to web developers around the world and speed up the mass adoption of robotics in our everyday lives.”

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