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[Korean Startup Weekly News #8] Korea’s Startup Boom: Mega-Funding Highlights in February 2024

2024-03-10 5 min read

[Korean Startup Weekly News #8] Korea’s Startup Boom: Mega-Funding Highlights in February 2024

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  • Period : Mar 4th – Mar 10th, 2024


Korea’s Startup Boom: Mega-Funding Highlights in February 2024

Korea’s dynamic startup surge in Feb 2024: FLEXCIL, ONE Store, Hey Dealer highlight global potential. Notable future investments emerge.

Gyeongsangnamdo Hosts GSAT 2024: Elevating Local Entrepreneurship and Collaboration Nationwide

Gyeongsangnamdo’s GSAT 2024 aims to boost entrepreneurship through contests, collaboration opportunities, and support programs nationwide, fostering a culture of innovation across manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors.

Latest Funding News

Check out the latest funding news for Korean startups

AI Pioneer WiseAI Secures KRW 10 Billion in Series B Investment
WiseAI secures KRW 10 billion in Series B funding via convertible bonds, aiming to enhance AI tech, expand globally, and launch new solutions.

KCS Accelerates with $4.2M Investment for CreditNote Advancements
KCS receives $4.2M funding, enhancing CreditNote to streamline credit checks for individual entrepreneurs.

QueryPie Developer, Chequer, Sets Eyes on Japanese Market with New Investments
Chequer, the developer of QueryPie, secures significant investments from Salesforce Ventures and ZVC, aiming for Japanese market entry.

Doinglab Secures Series A Funding for Global Expansion of Food Recognition Tech
South Korean AI health startup Doinglab secures Series A bridge investment from Insight Equity Partners for its FoodLens technology, used by over 50 businesses in Korea. The company also introduced CaloAI globally

Webcash Makes Strategic KRW 5 Billion Investment in ISTN to Broaden SAP-Integrated Solutions
Webcash, a South Korean fintech firm, has invested KRW 5 billion in ISTN, aiming to expand its SAP-integrated financial solutions and foster a mutually beneficial business ecosystem with SAP partners.

NuriHaus Raises KRW 2 Billion in Series A Funding to Fuel Global K-Beauty Expansion
NuriHaus, a leading platform for K-beauty brands, has raised USD 1.6 million in Series A funding. The company will use the funds to expand its global community and develop comprehensive solutions for K-beauty exports.

Naver Cloud Backs Persona AI: Advancing Korea’s AI Contact Center Frontier
Korea’s Persona AI receives investment from Naver Cloud, reinforcing its position in AI contact centers, known for its versatile applications across industries.

Readypost Secures KRW 2 Billion in Pre-Series A Funding for ‘Chongone’
Korean company Readypost raised KRW 2 billion in pre-Series A funding for ‘Chongone’, a platform enhancing urban redevelopment meetings with electronic services, recognized for market excellence and government-aligned improvements.

Alicorn Secures Strategic Investment from Designhouse for Innovation
Korean company Alicorn, operator of ‘Rocketpunch’ and ‘JIBMUSIL,’ secured strategic investment from Designhouse to showcase AI solutions and expand in the design industry through collaboration.

Dinoz Secures Pre-Series A for ‘Yugacrew’, Boosting Parenting Community Platform
Dinoz, a Korean startup, raises pre-Series A for Yugacrew, a parenting app focusing on community growth and connecting mothers and children, with significant investor support and expansion plans.

RealDraw Secures SpringCamp Investment for Webtoon Innovation
RealDraw, a Korean AI webtoon startup, secured additional funding from SpringCamp, enhancing their position to launch high-quality webtoons globally using AI and 3D technology.

Korean Startup Interview

Meet startups that are striving for global expansion through exclusive interviews

[Korean Startup Interview] Choi Young-ju: Spearheading Korean Startups’ Global Expansion with Tenity Singapore
Choi Young-ju, Partner Director at Tenity Singapore, supports Korean startups in global expansion, leveraging her international experience to facilitate their entry into Singapore, Europe, and the Middle East.

[Korean Startup Interview] EZContentsLab: Enjoying AI-Based 3D Korean Learning for Foreigners Like a Game
EZContentsLab addresses the growing demand for Korean learning among foreigners by offering an engaging AI-based platform, gamifying the learning process, and supporting global expansion with a skilled team. 

Korean Venture Capital News

Hashed Leads $37M Investment in Taiko Labs for Ethereum Layer 2 Expansion
Hashed invests in Taiko Labs, co-leading a $37 million Series A for Ethereum Layer 2 solutions using zero-knowledge proofs, aiming for high compatibility and decentralization with Ethereum.

Hashed Leads $4.5 Million Investment Round in Next-Gen Layer 2 Project ‘Blackwing’
Hashed leads a $4.5 million investment in Blackwing, a Layer 2 appchain on the Initia network, aiming to transform DeFi with reduced liquidation risk and modular blockchain technology.

HYPERITHM Backs Superfluid’s Ethereum-Based Token Streaming Innovation
HYPERITHM has invested in Superfluid, aiming to revolutionize virtual asset services by enabling streamlined token streaming on Ethereum, facilitating efficient distribution for DAOs and virtual asset operators.

CNTTECH Builds Network for Korean Startups’ Fast-Track Entry into Saudi Arabia
CNTTECH builds a network in Saudi Arabia, facilitating fast-track market entry for Korean startups, with plans for formal agreements and collaborations with key Saudi institutions and investment firms.


Mathpresso Launches Prep.Pie, AI Tutoring Service Tailored to US College Students
Prep.Pie offers personalized study notes, customized practice sets, and an AI-powered quick solver to help students ace their exams.

MSS and MOFA of Korea Initiate Global Startup Support via Embassies
MSS and MOFA of Korea have launched a program with seven overseas embassies to support Korean startups globally, focusing on trade promotions, investment consultations, and startup meetings.

MSS of Korea Spearheads SME and Venture Growth at Investopia in UAE
MSS Korea, at Investopia in UAE, bolsters SME-venture cooperation, signing MOUs and fostering Korea-UAE economic ties, aiming for a second Middle East boom in innovation and investment.

H2O Hospitality Signs Program with Saudi NTDP for Business Expansion
H2O Hospitality, a Korea-based tech firm, partners with Saudi Arabia’s NTDP to expand its digital transformation solutions for hotels, supporting the Saudi’s tourism industry and Vision 2030 goals.

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