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NuriHaus Raises KRW 2 Billion in Series A Funding to Fuel Global K-Beauty Expansion

2024-03-08 2 min read

NuriHaus Raises KRW 2 Billion in Series A Funding to Fuel Global K-Beauty Expansion

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NuriHaus, a leading Korean company operating the global K-beauty creator community Nurilounge and cross-border commerce platform Nuriglow, announced today it has secured KRW 2 billion (USD 1.6 million) in Series A funding. The round was led by Regent Partners, with participation from PS Ventures and Nature&Nature.

NuriHaus has established itself as a key player in the K-beauty industry, providing global marketing services for over 300 K-beauty brands through its Nurilounge platform. The company recently launched Nuriglow, a dedicated cross-border commerce platform to further facilitate K-beauty exports.

With the newly secured funds, NuriHaus plans to accelerate the expansion of its community to overseas locations and develop services for exports. The company plans to expand Nurilounge to major cities such as Tokyo and New York starting from the second quarter of 2024. It will also actively invest in developing total solutions for K-beauty exports.

Regent Partners, the lead investor in the round, commented: “NuriHaus is uniquely positioned to drive the next wave of K-beauty growth globally. Led by a seasoned team with deep expertise in the industry, NuriHaus is building a robust infrastructure that will support the success of K-beauty brands worldwide. We are excited to partner with NuriHaus and look forward to supporting their continued growth and success.”

Baek Aram, CEO of NuriHaus, added: “We are thrilled to receive this investment, which validates our vision and the progress we have made in building a comprehensive platform for K-beauty brands to thrive globally. With this funding, we will accelerate our community expansion and solution development efforts, empowering more K-beauty brands to reach new heights in the international market.”

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