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Vagelchips Secures 300 million KRW Seed Funding to Expand AI Contact Center Solutions

2024-03-11 2 min read

Vagelchips Secures 300 million KRW Seed Funding to Expand AI Contact Center Solutions

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Vagelchips, a Korean AI startup specializing in AI Contact Center (AICC) solutions for financial institutions, has secured 300 million KRW in seed funding led by The Invention Lab.

Founded in 2022 by CEO Woochul Jeong, Vagelchips leverages generative AI voice technology to provide tailored AICC solutions that enhance customer experience and operational efficiency for financial institutions. The company’s team boasts extensive experience in AICC technology, having worked on projects for major Korean financial institutions and Samsung Electronics.

Vagelchips’ key strength lies in its proprietary AICC solution, which includes an advanced STT (Speech To Text) engine and comprehensive AI-powered features. The company has successfully deployed its solution at eBest Investment Securities, where it has significantly improved customer service and reduced operational costs.

Jinyoung Kim, CEO of The Invention Lab, commented on the investment, “Vagelchips has demonstrated exceptional potential in the AICC market with its innovative technology and experienced team. We believe the company is well-positioned to become a leader in the global AICC market and are excited to support their growth.”

With the seed funding, Vagelchips plans to enhance its AICC solution, expand its customer base, and accelerate its global market entry. The company also aims to develop new AI-powered features that further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of AICC solutions.

Woochul Jeong, CEO of Vagelchips, stated, “We are thrilled to receive this investment from The Invention Lab. Their support will be instrumental in our mission to revolutionize the AICC market and deliver exceptional value to our customers. We are confident that Vagelchips will emerge as a leading player in the global AICC market.”

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