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Faraday Dynamics Attracts Seed Investment for High-Torque Servo Motor Innovation

2024-03-25 2 min read


Faraday Dynamics Attracts Seed Investment for High-Torque Servo Motor Innovation

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Faraday Dynamics, a South Korean company specializing in the production of servo motors for industries requiring precise control, such as robotics, has secured seed investment from POSTECH Holdings, Bigbang Angels, and KingoSpring.

Faraday Dynamics is a startup founded in 2020 by Jang Han-deuth, who completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Osaka University in Japan, went through a doctoral program at KAIST, and is currently serving as a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Incheon National University. With a vision to enrich human life through the creation of robots, Jang identified the manufacture of motors capable of precise speed and direction control as fundamentally important and ventured into servo motor production.

The domestic servo motor market is dominated by global companies from Switzerland, Japan, and the USA, with Chinese products competing aggressively with lower prices. Observing this situation and recognizing the absence of essential high-density, high-torque motors in the market, Jang decided to undertake the manufacture of servo motors himself.

Differing from traditional servo motors that utilize silicon-iron, Faraday Dynamics’ motors are crafted using cobalt-iron magnets and incorporate technology to focus the magnetic field in a specific direction, achieving high density and high torque. Existing motors, though fast, were low in torque, leading to the use of high-rigidity reducers to achieve high torque, which has resulted in control failures in critical safety situations and, consequently, accidents. In this context, the high-density, high-torque motors produced by Faraday Dynamics are expected to significantly contribute to the widespread adoption of robotics.

A representative from POSTECH Holdings, participating in the investment, remarked, “Faraday Dynamics was a standout at last year’s POSCO Idea Market Place, overcoming a competition ratio of nearly 200:1. We highly regard Faraday Dynamics’ vision to mass-produce domestic motors in a market currently dominated by global entities like Switzerland’s Maxon, aiming for technological independence.”

He added, “The motors’ ability to achieve significantly higher torque levels compared to those from other global motor companies, coupled with founder Jang Han-deuth’s extensive expertise in robotics and motors, and his steadfast determination towards commercialization, were key factors influencing our investment decision.”

CEO Jang Han-deuth commented, “Although the functionality and technology of our products were established long ago, we hadn’t reached the stage of mass production. This investment will enable us to further develop our technology, establish a mass production base, and dramatically lower product costs, aiming to compete as a motor and robotics company in the global market.”
Furthermore, Faraday Dynamics was selected for Samsung Electronics’ external startup incubation program, C-Lab Outside, in February and is currently in discussions about collaboration with Samsung Electronics.

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