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Talentree Secures KRW 2 Billion Funding to Connect Talents Through ‘Bungee’

2024-03-26 2 min read


Talentree Secures KRW 2 Billion Funding to Connect Talents Through ‘Bungee’

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The South Korean company Talentree, which operates ‘Bungee,’ a service that connects highly verified talents for project-based work, has secured KRW 2 billion in a Pre-Series A funding round. This financing round included contributions from existing investors Nextrans and Kakao Ventures, along with guarantee support from the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (KODIT).

Bungee aims to match companies facing challenges in various areas, such as marketing, international expansion, and development, with talents who have proven success in similar situations. Client companies can swiftly address work challenges and leverage the expertise of these talents through projects lasting from one to four or five months.

Currently, ‘Bungee’ offers talent-related services to more than 4,000 client companies. The company is enhancing its process, which is based on AI, to analyze and verify the demands of client companies and the skills of talents effectively.

Sung-ik Kim, a director at Nextrans, commented, “Precise matchmaking is essential to maximize customer satisfaction. It’s crucial to minimize the costs associated with the increasing need for talent connections. The potential to reduce these costs through AI technology has been demonstrated, and the accumulation of references from international clients like GoodNotes also suggests the potential for global growth.”

Chan-bong Ahn, CEO of Talentree, stated, “It is highly meaningful to be recognized as a service that reduces the trial and error for client companies through quality talent. With this investment, we plan to refine a variety of solutions aimed at enhancing the productivity and accelerating the growth of our corporate clients, including connections for regular employment.”

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