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McKinley Rice Raises KRW 5 Billion for Global Talent Platform ‘Redrob’

2023-11-02 2 min read

McKinley Rice Raises KRW 5 Billion for Global Talent Platform ‘Redrob’

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The South Korean-based global recruitment management specialist McKinley Rice has secured a KRW 5 billion seed investment from Murex Partners, DS & Partners, Daekyo Investment, and Wanted Lab.

Leveraging their expertise in operating the Cross-border HR platform, McKinley Rice launched the all-in-one global talent recruitment management platform “Redrob” on October 25, 2025.

In 2018, McKinley Rice entered the Indian market with a mission to address the high youth unemployment rate in India and the shortage of high-end IT talent among South Korean companies. Their services, “Career Chat” and “Second Office,” have been at the forefront of the Cross-border HR market. These services are currently being used by approximately 300,000 global IT talents in 57 domestic and foreign companies, particularly in India, and have built a global talent pool through partnerships with over 500 Indian universities.

With this investment, McKinley Rice plans to introduce even more advanced services. The already launched global talent recruitment service “Redrob” assists companies’ recruitment managers in testing candidates for the desired positions and offers an automated interview question service using AI, enabling them to select excellent talents.

Kim Jeong-woo, CEO of McKinley Rice, said, “Through this investment, Redrob service will be further advanced to a higher level of service that not only solves the global labor force imbalance but also easily connects talents from all over the world.”

McKinley Rice, headquartered in South Korea, currently maintains local offices in a total of five regions, including India and the United States, and operates a specialized HR team to provide services.

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