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Mile Corporation Secures Investment for Office Space Management Solution

2024-04-03 2 min read


Mile Corporation Secures Investment for Office Space Management Solution

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Mile Corporation, a developer of integrated office space management solutions in South Korea, has successfully attracted initial investment from Mashup Ventures. Mile Corporation is a company founded by developers selected from the top 10% of the ‘SW Maestro Program.’ They’ve developed an integrated office space management SaaS named ‘Mile,’ aimed at enhancing office operational efficiency and boosting employee productivity.

Mile offers a suite of solutions including ‘Mile Visitors’ for corporate visitor management, ‘Mile Meeting’ for meeting room interior tablet PC solutions, and ‘Mile Analytics’ for space data integration and analysis management services. Currently, they are rapidly expanding their market share, targeting both IT startups and mid-sized companies.

In just three months since its launch, Mile has managed to attract clients such as Lunit, Kmong, and Doodlin, with a continuously growing customer base driven by high satisfaction levels. The overall satisfaction among employees of adopting companies has surpassed 90%, accompanied by a 20% increase in the utilization of idle spaces within those companies.

Park Eunwoo, a Partner at Mashup Ventures, noted, “Mile Corporation, comprised of a team of young and talented developers, is experiencing rapid growth based on essential SaaS products for mid-sized companies.” He further elaborated on the investment rationale, saying, “We anticipate Mile to address space management needs that traditional enterprise solutions overlook and proceed to digitally transform overall asset management.”

Hong Jinwoo, CEO of Mile Corporation, emphasized, “As corporate work styles evolve, with trends like hybrid work and flexible schedules, the complexity and significance of office space operations are rapidly escalating.” He added, “We are committed to innovating and expanding the space management and commercial real estate market, traditionally centered around large corporations and prime buildings, to mid-sized companies through our cloud-based ‘Mile’ solution.”

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