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Floatic to Demonstrate the Most Efficient Warehouse Automation Solution at Automate 2024

2024-05-03 2 min read


Floatic to Demonstrate the Most Efficient Warehouse Automation Solution at Automate 2024

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Floatic, a South Korean robotics solution provider for e-commerce warehouse automation, announced that it will demonstrate its autonomous mobile robotic solution Floware and share insights with industry leaders at Automate 2024, which will take place on May 6-9 at McCormick Place in Chicago. 

At Floatic’s Automate booth #4444, the company will demonstrate its autonomous mobile robotic solution, Floware. Floware is designed to streamline the picking process, which currently accounts for the most time and labor in e-commerce warehouses. During the show, visitors can experience the real-time picking process with Floware and understand its intuitive operation methods and worker-friendly features like the ‘Picking guide.’

“We develop and build both the software and hardware in-house, which makes our solution Floware seamlessly integrated into clients’ centers within only six weeks from installation to actual operation,” said Chan Lee, CEO of Floatic. “With minimal additional infrastructure and investment cost, Floware can enhance productivity by up to 3.5 times compared to manual picking.”

Furthermore, Floatic is invited to Automate’s seminar speaker session to share insights on South Korea’s warehouse automation industry with the global audience. With the session title ‘Real-world use cases: Step into the South Korean e-commerce warehouse industry and discover how to deliver a successful automation experience to the users’, Floatic’s CEO Chan Lee will talk about the difficulties the South Korean warehouse market is facing in terms efficient automation, and how Floatic’s solution can help to bring the most optimal result using real-world case studies. 

As a three-year-old company, Floatic aims to commercialize its solution within the second half of this year. To do so, the company is actively communicating with warehouse industry experts and leaders in the leading trade shows such as MODEX and Automate. 

“Reflecting on our successful participation at MODEX 2024 last March where we garnered significant interest in our solution, we are optimistic about the potential collaborations and opportunities that Automate 2024 will bring,” Lee added. “We are excited to showcase how our solution can reshape the warehouse dynamics and pave the way for a full-fledged entry into the North American market.”

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