South Korean Game Developer GPUN Raises Funds for ‘Project Terrarium’

GPUN, a South Korean game developer specializing in subculture genres, has secured a seed investment of KRW 1.7 billion from Kakao Ventures and Kona Venture Partners.

Their upcoming game, “Project Terrarium,” portrays humanity seeking refuge underground after an extraterrestrial invasion, fighting to reclaim Earth. Players assume the role of Terrarium Base Commanders, nurturing Android pilots and developing combat robots in this mobile 3D sci-fi shooter.

This investment reflects optimism about the subculture gaming sector, with global revenues growing over 40% annually from 2020 to 2023. Led by former Shiftup director Choi Ju-hong, known for “Destiny Child” and “Nike: Goddess of Victory,” GPUN aims to pioneer success in the subculture gaming market.

With this funding, development of “Project Terrarium” will accelerate, with core gameplay expected to be unveiled next year. 

Kim Ji-woong, Senior Team Leader at Kakao Ventures, cited GPUN’s development expertise, successful live service operation, and deep passion for subculture as key factors for the investment. 

CEO Choi expressed confidence that “Terrarium” will captivate fans and propel GPUN to global success.

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