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COMEUP 2024 Aims for Global Reach with Focus on Accessibility and New Audiences

2024-05-09 2 min read

COMEUP 2024 Aims for Global Reach with Focus on Accessibility and New Audiences

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The Korea Startup Forum(KSF), host of the global startup festival COMEUP based in South Korea, has announced that COMEUP 2024 will take place on December 11th and 12th at COEX in Seoul’s Gangnam-gu district.

COMEUP 2024 aims to solidify its status as a global startup festival by leveraging the collaborative network established in previous events. It will move to COEX and transition from a three-day to a two-day format to enhance accessibility and engagement.

Additionally, the event will expand its target audience beyond startup and ecosystem stakeholders to include aspiring entrepreneurs and the general public. By diversifying its programs with activities like product showcases, open mic sessions, and job matching, COMEUP 2024 aims to ignite entrepreneurial spirit while broadening its appeal.

Furthermore, the platform’s role in connecting the global ecosystem will be strengthened, with a focus on enhancing its online business matching platform to provide diverse networking opportunities among domestic and international participants. It will also expand its collaboration with events like Challenge K-Startup 2024, K-Startup Grand Challenge, and KOICA Innovation Day, showcasing selected companies to a global audience.

Han Sang Woo, Chairman of KSF and Chairman of the COMEUP 2024 Advisory Committee, stated, “COMEUP 2024 will serve as a festival where global startups, the new protagonists of economic growth, gather, exchange ideas, and harmonize. It will also be a dream stage for aspiring entrepreneurs and youth seeking future visions to seize opportunities. We will actively support anyone with innovative ideas and capabilities to step onto the global stage using COMEUP as a springboard.”

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