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DeepSales Secures 2 Billion KRW Pre-Series A Investment, Eyes Global Expansion

2024-05-14 2 min read


DeepSales Secures 2 Billion KRW Pre-Series A Investment, Eyes Global Expansion

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Korean sales intelligence startup, DeepSales, has secured a 2 billion KRW pre-Series A investment. This investment saw the participation of three institutions, including Yes24, Woori Technology Investment, and JL Partners. DeepSales, which was selected for TIPS (Tech Incubator Program for startup Korea) last May, has now accumulated approximately 3.5 billion KRW in investment within just two years since its establishment. 

Founded in November 2021, DeepSales is a leading sales intelligence company leveraging advanced artificial intelligence technology to identify potential buyers with a high likelihood of transaction and promptly provide relevant information to sales representatives. At the heart of DeepSales’ offerings is the maximization of sales efficiency through solutions that streamline sales-related data from across the globe, comprehend the dynamics of inter-business transactions, and empower sales teams to swiftly identify and engage potential buyers. 

DeepSales has a track record of participating in the data supply business of Cloud Voucher and Data Voucher projects for several years, achieving notable successes both domestically and internationally, such as securing urea procurement and collaborating with New York Fashion Week. These efforts have led DeepSales to record profits annually since its inception, with its first-quarter sales in 2024 doubling compared to the previous year and boasting a service retention rate of over 70%. Presently, DeepSales serves over 450 clients domestically and internationally, with overseas sales contributing to 15% of total revenue.

Kim Yoo Jung, CEO of JL Partners, who spearheaded this investment, remarked, “We were compelled to invest in DeepSales, recognizing its advanced technological prowess in utilizing deep learning to analyze traditional data and offer real-time recommendations of potential buyers with high transaction probabilities, along with its potential for global scalability.”

Kim Jin Sung, CEO of DeepSales, commented, “With the capital raised from this investment, we envision growing into a globally renowned startup with a technological edge. We are committed to delivering optimal solutions for discovering potential buyers to sales teams worldwide, thereby solidifying our competitive position in the global market.”

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