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Starseed Secures Pre-Seed Investment for AI-Powered PR SaaS ‘PulitzerAI’

2024-05-29 < 1 min read


Starseed Secures Pre-Seed Investment for AI-Powered PR SaaS ‘PulitzerAI’

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Korean startup Starseed, which provides an AI-based PR SaaS service, has secured pre-seed investment from Venture Square. Starseed’s developed service, “Pulitzer AI,” leverages generative AI to automatically create a draft press release and images in just 10 seconds with only keyword input. With this investment, Starseed plans to enhance “Pulitzer AI” and develop various services to make media publicity easier for individuals, businesses, and organizations facing challenges in media relations.

By simply entering a few keywords related to the service, event, or product they wish to promote, “Pulitzer AI” generates a draft press release and images in 10 seconds. It also supports international publicity. “Pulitzer AI” offers multilingual support, including Korean, English, Japanese, and French, allowing users to create and distribute press releases tailored to their target country. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and sophisticated algorithm, “Pulitzer AI” is used by a diverse range of customers, including startups, government agencies, mid-sized companies, and large corporations.

Myung Seung-eun, CEO of Venture Square, who led the investment, stated, “We highly value Starseed’s technological capabilities and potential,” adding, “We expect Pulitzer AI to bring significant changes to the media publicity industry.”

Starseed CEO Son Bo-mi said, “With this investment, we will further enhance the capabilities of Pulitzer AI and accelerate our entry into the global market,” adding, “We aim to provide efficient media communication solutions so that more customers can benefit.”

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