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Bubble Share Secures seed funding for Global Marketing SaaS

2024-01-29 2 min read


Bubble Share Secures seed funding for Global Marketing SaaS

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The Korean company ‘Bubble Share‘ has secured initial investment from Mashup Angels.

Established in August last year, Bubble Share is a developer specializing in global localization marketing SaaS. CEO Su-A Lee, with her background in a global digital marketing agency and experience leading overseas and product marketing at Thingsflow, founded the company.

Adopting the vision of ‘Content Marketing without Language Barriers,’ Bubble Share addresses the challenging language barriers and issues in producing localized content that companies face in overseas content marketing. The essence of Bubble Share’s solution is facilitating content creation for targeted foreign markets using AI foundation models, eliminating the need for hiring international marketers or engaging overseas agencies.

Their service, ‘Bubble Share Topic Explorer,’ assists in formulating content marketing strategies. It does this by mapping out the consumer journey from brand awareness to purchase, using keyword analysis. This tool collects keyword data related to client brands and products, and employs LLM foundation models to analyze similarities between keywords. It sets topic categories based on the analysis, then uses related search terms to suggest content that is more likely to lead to purchases.

Additionally, Bubble Share provides a performance dashboard to track the generation of significant organic traffic in various countries when content is distributed via local search engines and social media. Remarkably, within just four months of its establishment, Bubble Share has already secured contracts with leading global companies such as Adobe, Databricks, and Persolkelly.

Taek-kyung Lee, the managing partner at Mashup Angels, explained their investment rationale, stating, “The shift in privacy policies has reduced the efficiency of performance marketing, propelling organic marketing as an alternative. Bubble Share, with its team of global marketing veterans, is poised for substantial growth in the global market, thanks to its ability to automate the entire cross-border organic marketing process.”

CEO Su-A Lee expressed her ambitions, saying, “Bubble Share aims to evolve into a global marketing solution company that not only resolves the complexities of cross-border organic marketing but also enables execution without the need for local marketers, thereby creating a measurable environment.”

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