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TeamLearners, a content AI created by former TOSS employees, raises 2 billion KRW in seed funding

2023-03-07 2 min read

TeamLearners, a content AI created by former TOSS employees, raises 2 billion KRW in seed funding

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TeamLearners, a South Korea-based company developing a global AI content platform, announced today that it has raised KRW 2 billion in seed funding. The round was led by Bass Investment, with participation from Fast Ventures and Goodwater Capital.

TeamLearners is a startup founded by Seungjin Chung, an early member of TOSS who created a 10 million MAU remittance service, along with his TOSS and KAIST colleagues. Mr.Chung joined Toss as a server engineer and worked his way up through the ranks of data analyst, product owner, and overseas business leader to drive millions of MAUs and tens of billions in revenue growth.

TeamLearners is developing a content platform where AI is the producer. The team’s core hypothesis is that as technology advances, content such as articles, photos, and videos created by AI influencers will become more interesting than those created by humans, and they have launched four AI services in the past two months, including Peekaboo.

TeamLearners’ team-building story has been a hot topic in the startup scene since the second half of last year, before the company focused on AI. Under the name “Super Dots,” the company released 20 apps to the store in three months starting in September, developed seven commercialized services, achieved BEP (break-even point), and gathered team members. Currently, TeamRunners includes an existing product team that developed seven commercialized services in a short period of time, a tech lead from an AI acceleration startup CTO, and a content creator from CJ ENM PD, as well as product/technology/content experts to develop an AI content platform.

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“”TeamLearners is the epitome of the startup growth equation of ‘Hypothesize-Experiment-Learn-Grow,'” said Hyungjun Yang, Senior Team Leader at Bass Investment, who led the investment. “We believe that TeamLearners will create great value globally by iterating on this growth formula and solving problems in the AI space the fastest.”

Seungjin Jung, CEO of TeamLearners, said, “Product development is a difficult and unprecedented area, but we believe we can create a new service for 100 million people. “At TeamLearners, we have researchers, ML engineers, and app/web product teams working as one squad, and as a result, we have been able to launch one product every two weeks. We will continue to build the best AI product team in the world by bringing in great people and optimizing the way we collaborate.”

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