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Goodgang Labs, a 3D avatar communication platform, raised funding from NAVER D2SF

2023-03-19 2 min read

Goodgang Labs, a 3D avatar communication platform, raised funding from NAVER D2SF

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Goodgang Labs, a South Korea-based company developing a 3D avatar-based communication platform, announced today that it has secured investment from NAVER’s D2 Startup Factory (D2SF). The amount is undisclosed. The company plans to introduce a new communication method utilizing 3D avatars rather than the existing video and voice communication. 

The company is developing a ‘human to avatar’ technology that utilizes AI to realize users’ facial expressions and motions into 3D avatars in real time. Based on this technology, the company is currently alpha testing ‘KikiTown’, a real-time communication platform based on 3D avatars. Kikitown is a web-based platform that is easy to use without device or OS restrictions. The company supports a highly scalable platform by supporting standard 3D avatar formats, and plans to actively collaborate with Naver Z, the developer of Zepeto.

Users who participated in KikiTown’s alpha test showed positive responses such as, “It’s easy to convey facial expressions and gestures to the other person while reducing the burden of exposing your face,” and “I can communicate more actively by utilizing 3D avatars.” 

The company plans to offer the service in a variety of communication environments, including English language education, online lectures and meetups, customer consultations, and business meetings. In the third quarter of this year, the company plans to launch an open beta service for KikiTown, and will also expand B2B by commercializing its human to avatar technology in the form of a SaaS API.

The co-founders of Goodgang labs have experience in technology development, product planning, and commercialization at NAVER subsidiaries Line and Snow, and Facebook operator Meta. Doo Kyung Ahn, CEO of Goodgang Labs, led the Instagram Stories platform, Korean and Japanese products and partnerships at Meta headquarters, and led Line’s food service (now Snow). 

“Avatars are increasingly being used in various fields such as live broadcasting, video meetings, and online events, but most services are limited to 2D or simply covering the face,” said Yang Sang-hwan, leader of NAVER D2SF. “We believe that Goodgang Labs is a team with excellent planning and fast execution capabilities, and we expect them to provide a new communication experience using 3D avatars.”

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