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French Company Baracoda: Innovating Health-Tech with Smart Products & Partnerships

2023-11-16 2 min read


French Company Baracoda: Innovating Health-Tech with Smart Products & Partnerships

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[Editor’s Note] ComeUp 2023 has truly become a global startup festival, with international startup teams making up 60% of the total participants. In a mini-interview, Wowtale introduces some of the foreign startups taking part in this event. Special thanks to BigBang Angels and Oumaima.

Baracoda is a comprehensive health-tech company based in France, helping people manage their health in everyday life with products focusing on oral hygiene, skin health, weight, beauty, and more. 

Baracoda is revolutionizing healthcare with a decade of innovation in connected solutions, including smart mats and connected toothbrushes. Their strength lies in a complete in-house development system, from manufacturing to AI, bolstered by expert engineering, R&D, and data-science teams. This allows rapid creation of connected health devices. Their major milestone is a five-year partnership with Colgate. As a privately-owned family business, they’ve self-financed, avoiding external funds. Notably, their pioneering product, BBlance – the world’s first smart bath mat for daily health monitoring – is now moving towards external capital. Baracoda’s participation in ComeUp 2023 aligns with South Korea’s focus on IoT and health, seeking partnerships akin to their U.S. success with Colgate.

Q1. Please introduce your company and your product.

Tech company based in Paris, a leader in connected solutions, started to do many innovations in the last 10 years (smart mat, connected tooth-brush, etc) to help people take care of their health.

Q2. What are the key strengths of your product or service?

Our key strength is that we have a full stack (A to Z) at home to develop connected objects (manufacturing, AI, …). We also have teams at home (engineering team, R&D team, data-science team). So, as we master engineering, we can quickly develop connected objects.

Q3. What have been your achievements so far?

Our biggest achievement is Colegate partnership. It’s a long-term relationship (5 years since we worked together).

Concerning the investment funds, as we are a family owned company (private), we didn’t raise funds (all internal funds). We developed our company from our own funds but our start-up products that we developed ourselves got also financed. Now we’re going to open the capital. For example, we developed a smart mat called BBlance, the world’s first smart bath mat that fits into daily routines but also measures weight, body composition, posture and balance. Here we’re at a pre-seed level and we’re going to open the capital.

Q4. What motivated you to participate in ComeUp 2023?

Korea is a country where IoT and health are very important so it’s a very good profile for us.

Q5. What type of collaboration do you anticipate with the South Korean startup ecosystem?

We will try to find good partners like we found Colegate in the United States.

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