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Sanar Leads Virtual Healthcare Revolution in Saudi, Seeks Growth at ComeUp 2023

2023-11-13 2 min read


Sanar Leads Virtual Healthcare Revolution in Saudi, Seeks Growth at ComeUp 2023

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[Editor’s Note] ComeUp 2023 has truly become a global startup festival, with international startup teams making up 60% of the total participants. In a mini-interview, Wowtale introduces some of the foreign startups taking part in this event. Special thanks to BigBang Angels and Oumaima.

Saudi Arabia-based Sanar is revolutionizing healthcare with its virtual medical services. This innovative company runs virtual hospitals, offering patients the flexibility to receive care at home, tailored to their schedule and location preferences.

Sanar’s comprehensive homecare includes doctor visits, lab tests, and nursing services, all accessible online. Their digital platform supports over 300 doctors in 24+ e-clinics across Saudi, each specializing in different medical fields.

Focused on patient convenience, Sanar’s services are covered by the top five insurances in the country, demonstrating their commitment to accessible and integrated healthcare solutions.

Currently, they are advancing through a Series A investment round, backed by a major Saudi VC. Sanar’s participation in ComeUp 2023, alongside the Saudi Ministry of SMEs, highlights their eagerness to explore collaborations with South Korean startups.

Q1. Please introduce your company and your product.

Sanar is a company that specializes in providing virtual medical services, offering a modern take on healthcare. We operate virtual hospitals, allowing patients to receive medical services in the comfort of their own homes, based on their preferences for date, time, and location. Our homecare services encompass a range of options including home visits from doctors, in-home lab tests, and nursing services. Additionally, Sanar facilitates online medical services such as consultations and various other services through a digital platform. With a network of over 300 doctors across 24+ e-clinics in Saudi Arabia, we have individual doctors for different specialties, ensuring comprehensive and specialized care for the patients.

Q2. What are the key strengths of your product or service?

We are very focused on the patient’s convenience, trying to make all these medical services accessible and have an all-in-one technology, covered by the 5 biggest insurances in Saudi Arabia.

Q3. What have been your achievements so far?

All services are covered by insurance (save a huge cost for the customers). In terms of revenues and fundraising, we are in a Series A investment round led by one of the biggest VCs in Saudi Arabia.

Q4. What motivated you to participate in ComeUp 2023?

We came to Come Up along with Monsha’at. (the Ministry of SMEs of Saudi Arabia)

Q5. What type of collaboration do you anticipate with the South Korean startup ecosystem?

We’re open to meet K-startups, to hopefully see other Korean partners.

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