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Diagnio: Revolutionizing Women’s Diagnostics Takes Center Stage at ComeUp 2023

2023-11-16 2 min read


Diagnio: Revolutionizing Women’s Diagnostics Takes Center Stage at ComeUp 2023

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[Editor’s Note] ComeUp 2023 has truly become a global startup festival, with international startup teams making up 60% of the total participants. In a mini-interview, Wowtale introduces some of the foreign startups taking part in this event. Special thanks to BigBang Angels and Oumaima.

Diagnio, a leader in women’s diagnostics, prioritizes comfort with noninvasive, swift tests boasting a 95% accuracy rate. Achievements include FDA listing, rigorous clinical studies, R&D success, and a thriving app launch. Engaging at ComeUp 2023 to solidify ties with Korean supply chain partners, focusing on productive discussions and agreements. Future collaborations in Korea are pivotal for supply chain expansion and the launch of new products. Leveraging Korea’s strength in medical device production and electronics, Diagnio aims to tap into the robust capabilities of the local startup ecosystem.

Q1. Can you give us an overview of your company and product?

Diagnio is at the forefront of diagnostics, with a focus on improving women’s health and comfort. Our mission is to empower women to manage their well-being through innovative diagnostic solutions. We operate on three core principles:

Data Gathering: We collect comprehensive data as the foundation of our diagnostic process.

Algorithmic Analysis: Utilizing advanced algorithms, we create personalized patterns and offer additional services like stress and anxiety assessments.

Medical Connectivity: Bridging the gap between patients and healthcare professionals, we provide doctors in clinics with relevant information, facilitating timely decision-making. Our precision aligns with blood diagnostics standards, boasting a 95% accuracy rate.

Q2. What sets your product apart?

Our product has distinct strengths:

Noninvasiveness: Prioritizing patient comfort, our diagnostics are noninvasive.

User-Friendly: Designed for ease, users receive results within 5 minutes.

Speed: Rapid result availability ensures swift decision-making and intervention.

Q3. What milestones have you achieved thus far?

We’ve accomplished significant milestones:

Regulatory Recognition: Listed in the FDA, showcasing compliance with stringent standards.

Clinical Validation: Rigorous clinical studies validate the effectiveness of our products.

R&D Completion: Successful completion of Research and Development reflects our commitment to innovation.

Product Launch: Our app is successfully launched, marking our entry into the market.

Financially, we’ve initiated revenue generation and secured investments from notable sources, including UAE investors and accelerators.

Q4. What motivated your participation in ComeUp 2023?

We’re participating in ComeUp 2023 to engage with our Korean supply chain partners, especially our contract manufacturers. The goal is to have productive discussions and finalize agreements during the event.

Q5. What collaborations do you foresee in the South Korean startup ecosystem?

Looking ahead, we aim to expand collaborations within the South Korean startup ecosystem, focusing on:

Supply Chain Partnerships: Seeking additional partners, particularly in Korea, leveraging its strength in medical device production, electronics, and test manufacturing.

Product Launch Support: Exploring partnerships for launching new products, tapping into the robust capabilities of the Korean ecosystem in medical device production and related fields.

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