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‘Inshorts’ Introduces New Era of AI-Based Product Placement Solutions in Korea

2024-01-19 2 min read


‘Inshorts’ Introduces New Era of AI-Based Product Placement Solutions in Korea

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Recently, viewers of the Disney+, tvN, and TVING series ‘Maestra’ (featuring Lee Young-ae from the acclaimed K-drama ‘Jewel in the Palace’) have witnessed something extraordinary. The branded products showcased in the series were incorporated using the latest AI Digital Product Placement (AIPP) technology, implemented after filming. This method contrasts with traditional product placement, which required placing products on set during filming. The AIPP solution ‘Inshorts’ now enables post-filming product integration.

Through Inshorts’ proprietary Super Seamless Product Placement Pipeline, post-product placement was executed with a quality that both advertisers and content producers can trust. This marks the first time an AI solution has been applied to product placement in a Korean drama before its release.

For instance, products like Samsung’s ‘Bespoke Rug’ and Wakti’s ‘SW19 Hand Cream’, featured in ‘Maestra’, were added merely two weeks before the episode’s release. This innovative approach significantly shortens the time required for product placement in series, a process that previously took up to five months or even a year using traditional methods.

Inshorts utilizes its unique Super Seamless Product Placement Pipeline to ensure post-product placement is executed to the satisfaction of both advertisers and content producers. This initiative marks the first application of an AI solution in product placement for a Korean drama prior to its release.

In the future, many more advertisers are expected to be able to use the Inshorts’ AIPP solution to expose their products through content that matches their brand at the desired time.

Another advantage of Inshorts’ Product Placement is that the advertised products naturally integrate into the flow of the narrative, enhancing the viewer’s content-watching experience, while also conveying a positive image of the brand. Content producers can also generate additional revenue from filmed footage where previous product placement sales have closed without any additional production effort.

For brands in need of product placement, exposure through content allows them to reach a broader customer base beyond the domestic market. 

Another benefit of Inshorts’ Product Placement is the seamless integration of advertised products into the narrative flow, enhancing the viewer experience while simultaneously portraying a positive brand image. Content producers also gain the opportunity to generate additional revenue from previously filmed footage, without extra production efforts.

For brands seeking product placement, exposure through such content opens doors to a wider customer base beyond domestic markets. The drama “Maestra” was broadcast not only on the Korean domestic tvN channel and TVING but also simultaneously worldwide through the global OTT platform ‘Disney+’. 

Inshorts Founder/CEO Andy Lee stated, “In the OTT era, K-content serves as a powerful marketing tool that transcends borders, but collaborating with advertisers has been challenging due to temporal misalignments.” He added, “Inshorts is a digital product placement platform that resolves the mismatch between content release schedules and brand marketing schedules, offering advertisers a diverse lineup of partnership content tailored to their desired timing. We will continue to create new combinations of brands and content through ongoing business and technological innovations.”

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