‘Live Anywhere’ Expands to Malaysia, Enhancing Global ‘One-Month Stay’ Options

The Korean travel platform, Live Anywhere, known for its “one-month stay” service, announced on the 13th that it has expanded its operations to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, following its success in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, Thailand.

Live Anywhere offers a service that customizes recommendations for accommodations based on user preferences from among more than 20,000 properties across 163 cities globally. The platform boasts over a thousand properties in Thailand suitable for “one-month stay” and, following its recent expansion, has nearly a hundred properties available in Malaysia.

Johor Bahru is recognized among young mothers for its English camps and international schools. Before, those seeking accommodations near English camps and international schools had to rely on educational agencies, which limited their options to a few accommodations or expensive hotels. Now, the Live Anywhere platform enables users to book accommodations based on their preferences, including those near educational agencies and properties with infinity pools where children can safely play.

Kim Ji-yeon, CEO of Live Anywhere, stated, “Using the know-how we gained from our expansion into Thailand, we were able to expedite our entry into Malaysia. We plan to continue identifying and expanding into foreign cities that are suitable for ‘one-month stay’ sequentially.”

She further added, “Live Anywhere appears first when searching for ‘one-month stay’ on the Google Play Store and App Store. We aim to make Live Anywhere the first name that comes to mind when thinking of ‘one-month stay’ and will push for further growth this year.”

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