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TNS, a Subsidiary of DENTIS, Raises Additional KRW 4.75 Billion, Totaling KRW 15.75 Billion

2024-02-15 2 min read


TNS, a Subsidiary of DENTIS, Raises Additional KRW 4.75 Billion, Totaling KRW 15.75 Billion

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TNS, a subsidiary of the Korean digital dentistry company DENTIS, has secured an additional investment of KRW 4.75 billion, reaching a total accumulated investment of KRW 15.75 billion in just over six months.

TNS has carried out four rounds of investment since October last year. This latest round of KRW 4.75 billion has successfully pushed the total investment beyond the initial target of KRW 15 billion.

DENTIS stated, “During TNS’s investment process, we confirmed the positive evaluation of the growth potential of the clear aligner market and the competitiveness of our clear aligner brand, SERAFIN. Particularly, the recognition of our product quality and the technological capability of our digital clear aligner treatment platform has positioned us to prepare for a leap into becoming a global brand. This is based on strong confidence in SERAFIN’s technological competitiveness in the rapidly growing global clear aligner market.”

TNS plans to use the investment funds to focus on research and development aimed at enhancing its digital clear aligner system. The strategy also includes expanding the manufacturing infrastructure to meet the increasing domestic demand and proactively enhancing production capabilities in anticipation of entering international markets.

SERAFIN was developed as a comprehensive digital clear aligner platform service and officially launched in 2021. Based on clinical validation by a group of orthodontic experts, it enables diagnosis, setup (design), and manufacturing using a 3D printer, all through a digital platform. The entire process of diagnosis, setup, and manufacturing for clear aligner treatment is conducted on this single platform.

In March of last year, SERAFIN became the first clear aligner in South Korea to receive European CE MDR certification. Following this, in October, DENTIS completed the first domestic patent registration for MESHEET, a new material for manufacturing clear aligners, and is preparing for its launch within the first quarter. The company plans to enhance its cost competitiveness with this new material and increase its profitability by entering the global market.

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