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FlareLabs Secures KRW 1.4 Billion for Hyper-Personalized CRM Solution

2024-02-16 2 min read


FlareLabs Secures KRW 1.4 Billion for Hyper-Personalized CRM Solution

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FlareLabs, the Korean company behind the hyper-personalized CRM marketing solution FlareLane, has successfully secured KRW 1.4 billion in a pre-Series A funding round.

The investment round included participation from existing investors, such as PRIMER SAZZE PARTNERS and Shim Sang-min, the founder of Hogangnono, with new investors Bridge Alliance Partners and Ryukyung PSG Asset Management joining the fray.

FlareLane stands out as a cross-channel hyper-personalized marketing solution, enabling marketers to craft the ideal customer journey across various channels including app and web push notifications, SMS, KakaoTalk, and email. Since its inception, FlareLane has managed to attract a wide range of clients from large enterprises to startups, demonstrating its efficacy in boosting sales and conversion rates without the need for outbound sales efforts. This has solidified its position as a pivotal solution for service growth.

In contrast to the complex and costly foreign alternatives, FlareLane distinguishes itself through its ease of use, intuitive design, and affordability, making hyper-personalized marketing accessible. Additionally, it offers direct communication channels between FlareLane and its clients, enabling the prompt resolution of inquiries.

One of the hallmark features of FlareLane is its ‘customer journey automation.’ This feature allows for the execution of targeted marketing actions to guide customers towards desired behaviors, such as encouraging purchases for customers who have added products to their cart or frequently browsed specific items.

FlareLane also boasts a suite of performance measurement and analysis tools. These tools provide marketers with the capability to delve into key metrics, including message click-through rates, target conversion rates within a given period, and purchase amounts. Moreover, FlareLane’s ‘personalized messages,’ which can incorporate elements like the customer’s name or product images, and its ‘A/B testing’ capabilities, enable marketers to conduct comprehensive multivariate tests on aspects such as timing and targeting.

Following this latest round of investment, FlareLabs is set to further enhance its internal capabilities and unveil next-generation marketing solutions powered by advanced AI technology. Kim Min-hyuk, CEO of FlareLabs, expressed that this investment acknowledges the dedication of a team focused solely on addressing customer problems. He emphasized the company’s commitment to dismantling the notion that CRM marketing is challenging and to intensifying efforts on product development to make their solutions effortlessly accessible to all.

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