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AptaMarket Lands Seed Funding from Seoul Techno Holdings for Pancreatic Cancer Aptamer Tech

2024-02-22 2 min read


AptaMarket Lands Seed Funding from Seoul Techno Holdings for Pancreatic Cancer Aptamer Tech

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AptaMarket, a Korean startup focused on developing high-precision pancreatic cancer diagnostic kits and therapies using aptamer technology, has received seed funding from Seoul Techno Holdings.

Pancreatic cancer is challenging to diagnose early due to its lack of symptoms and the difficulty of detection through ultrasound, leading to a low rate of early diagnosis. Furthermore, the risk of metastasis and recurrence is heightened by residual microscopic tumors, requiring ongoing monitoring. While the current pancreatic tumor marker test (CA19-9) can diagnose cancers of the gastrointestinal system, such as pancreatic, bile duct, and gastric cancers, its accuracy is insufficient, necessitating the development of more precise and rapid diagnostic technologies.

AptaMarket is advancing research and development in aptamers, versatile molecules capable of binding to a variety of targets including cells, proteins, and small molecules. This makes them widely applicable in the fields of diagnostics and targeted therapy, among others. The safety of aptamer technology has been confirmed with the recent FDA approval of an aptamer-based drug, validating its market potential. AptaMarket is the sole possessor in Korea of technology for identifying aptamers that bind to small molecules. By utilizing this technology, the company aims to simultaneously track existing pancreatic tumor markers and abnormal metabolites, developing a diagnostic kit that improves the accuracy of pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Plans are also underway to expand into developing cell therapies for acute leukemia and aptamer-based targeted therapies.

Comprising two PhD students from Seoul National University and a PhD graduate in biotechnology from Georgia Tech, AptaMarket is a student startup team. It has been chosen as a resident company of the Seoul National University Campus Town for 2024.

Choi Min-hyuk, an evaluator at Seoul Techno Holdings, remarked, “The early diagnostic kit market for pancreatic cancer is open, with no clear leader yet, offering significant opportunities for startups with strong technological capabilities. AptaMarket, a young team equipped with the unique ability to discover aptamers targeting small molecules, is expected to begin serious production of prototypes this year. We anticipate they will introduce a new dynamic to the market with positive outcomes.”

Jeong Ji-hyun, CEO of AptaMarket, expressed gratitude for the investment, stating, “Receiving recognition for AptaMarket’s technological prowess from Seoul Techno Holdings is incredibly rewarding. This investment is a significant milestone that bodes well for our successful market debut.” and “With this funding, we will focus on developing early diagnostic kits for pancreatic cancer and securing follow-on investments to grow into a leading biotech company in Korea.”

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