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Proptech Startup Nbnb Lands Pre-Series A Funding for Digital Real Estate Solutions

2024-03-18 2 min read


Proptech Startup Nbnb Lands Pre-Series A Funding for Digital Real Estate Solutions

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The South Korean proptech startup Nbnb, which specializes in digitalizing branding and operational management for single-person residential real estate through IT technology, has received pre-Series A investment from New Paradigm Investment. Nbnb is an expert in the entrusted management and operation of residential real estate as well as in space branding. Its flagship solution is a “space branding-real estate service” that not only enhances the value of residential real estate but also facilitates operational management through IT platform technology.

Nbnb is currently operating the residential space brand “WEPLA” as part of a dual-strategy approach, providing affordable living spaces as premium lifestyle environments to the “WE” community within the same living area.

“WEPLA” enriches the resident and tenant experience by offering new services and rebranding idle spaces. This includes “WESTAY,” a daily accommodation space, “WELIVE,” a short-term rental residential space, and the café brand “Cafe wewe.” These services cater to the needs of residents and tenants with amenities, facilities, and pop-up events.

Furthermore, all residential properties are managed efficiently through a contactless operational management SaaS system, integrated with the Nbnb mobile app. Nbnb’s main business model focuses on transforming ordinary single-person living spaces into a lifestyle that merges space branding, services, and community.

Je-hyeon Park, co-CEO of New Paradigm Investment, stated, “Combining lifestyle residential space branding with digital operational management SaaS is a service strategy that not only enhances the value of small to medium-sized residential real estates but also targets niche markets broadly and effectively. The direct-operated ‘WEPLA’ hubs are significant for securing diverse revenue models within the residential category and for their potential expansion into B2G and B2B sectors. The company is expected to become a dominant leader in local residential real estate and commercial sectors.”

Geun-ho Nam, CEO of Nbnb, mentioned, “The investment will primarily be used for marketing expenses, security deposits, and facility costs for rapid branch expansion. Our goal for this year is to move WEPLA’s first branch to a main commercial area and to open new branches in regional hubs, aiming for profitability across all three branches within the year.”

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