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Readypost Raises Additional KRW 1 Billion, Leads in ‘Smart General Meeting’ Market

2024-03-28 < 1 min read


Readypost Raises Additional KRW 1 Billion, Leads in ‘Smart General Meeting’ Market

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Readypost, a South Korean company operating the ‘Chongone’ platform, known for its ‘Smart General Meeting’ services primarily catering to urban redevelopment associations and commercial building management, has successfully raised an additional KRW 1 billion in a pre-Series A funding round. 

This investment round saw participation from the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (KODIT) and was executed through a multi-closing approach, elevating Readypost’s cumulative pre-Series A investment to KRW 3 billion.

‘Chongone,’ which was launched in the latter half of 2019, stands out as one of Readypost’s main offerings. It boasts the highest number of references in its domain, following its inception as the first regulatory sandbox project approved by the government in Korea. The platform has been utilized in large projects with membership numbers exceeding 1,000.

KODIT, which executed this investment, stated, “Chongone distinguishes itself with a one-stop service tailored for general meetings, showcasing unique competitive strengths. It’s progressively acquiring various references, positioning it to potentially lead the ‘Smart General Meeting’ market in the future.”

Sebyeong Kwak, CEO of Readypost, reflected on the investment, “It appears our swift adaptation to the evolving needs of our customers amidst changes in the real estate landscape has been well-received by investors. As the industry frontrunner, we aim to continue paving the way with the expertise we’ve garnered over time.”

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