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Kakao Joins Global AI Alliance to Foster Innovation and Strengthen AI Safety Standards

2024-04-13 2 min read


Kakao Joins Global AI Alliance to Foster Innovation and Strengthen AI Safety Standards

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Kakao announced on December 12 that it has joined the ‘AI Alliance,’ a global open-source community that supports research and development in artificial intelligence, becoming the first Korean company to do so. Launched in December of the previous year, the AI Alliance includes leading organizations from industry, startups, academia, research institutions, and government bodies, such as IBM, Meta, and Intel. This alliance promotes open innovation and science in the global AI sector.

The group’s mission is to foster open innovation across the AI technology landscape and to collaborate on expanding the AI ecosystem. It places a special emphasis on enhancing AI’s safety, security, and trust, and on maximizing its benefits for people and societies worldwide through a range of projects and activities.

By joining the AI Alliance, Kakao aims to align domestic AI standards with those globally and to ensure Korean standards are reflected in the establishment of global norms in AI education, safety, policy, and technological research. Kakao plans to systematically drive responsible AI initiatives under the guidance of its newly established CAIO organization.

Kakao was the first Korean company to establish an algorithm ethics charter in 2018 and launched the industry’s first ‘Technology Ethics Committee’ in July 2022. At the end of last year, it also published the ‘2023 Kakao Community Technology Ethics Report,‘ highlighting various initiatives by the committee.

Kim Kyung-hoon, AI Safety leader at Kakao, stated, “We will collaborate with the AI Alliance to develop an open AI ecosystem that maintains a high level of trust and safety on a global scale,” adding, “As a digital company, we are committed to continuously fulfilling our social responsibilities and strengthening AI ethics.”

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