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BLACKPINK’s first mobile game to launch globally in Q2 2023

2023-04-04 2 min read

BLACKPINK’s first mobile game to launch globally in Q2 2023

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Korean idol game developer TakeOne Company today announced the global launch of girl group BLACKPINK’s first official game, “BLACKPINK THE GAME,” in the second quarter of this year.

‘Blackpink the Game’ was first revealed last month under the project name ‘BPTG’ on the billboards of BLACKPINK’s Malaysian world tour venues. The game’s release later revealed that BPTG was actually BlackPink’s first official game project, BlackPink the Game.

‘Blackpink the Game’ has a worldview where users become the producer of BLACKPINK in the multiverse and grow the members.

The main contents of the game are ▲ a new type of puzzle utilizing various photo cards ▲ a simulation of training members and managing offices ▲ Blackpink World, where users can communicate with users around the world with their own personalized Blackpink avatars ▲ and exclusive high-quality photos and videos of Blackpink shot exclusively for the game.

The company emphasized that it is a game that can be enjoyed by non-fans with high-quality gameplay and a vast amount of content prepared over a three-year development period, and expressed confidence in targeting the global market.

“We are pleased to announce the first official game of the world’s top girl group, BLACKPINK,” said Jung Min-chae, CEO of TakeOne Company. “Our unique know-how in content games and the active participation of BLACKPINK members will showcase a game that is different from the existing ones, and will be greatly loved by the global fandom and content game market.”

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