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[Korean Startup Interview] Codename Bom: Crafting Story-Driven Indie Games for Global Success

2023-10-31 4 min read

[Korean Startup Interview] Codename Bom: Crafting Story-Driven Indie Games for Global Success

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According to VG Insights, a video game research company, the indie game market on the Steam platform has seen significant growth. In 2019, there were around 8,000 indie games, but by 2021, the number had increased to 10,773, accounting for 98% of all games released. With the proliferation of smartphones and diverse digital platforms, the indie game sector is thriving. The government is actively supporting indie game development to boost the gaming industry, which is already a substantial contributor to content exports, accounting for approximately 70% of the total exports.

‘Codename Bom’ was founded in December 2022, after winning third place in the Gyeonggi Game Audition, an event by the Gyeonggi Content Agency aimed at promoting indie games. Codename Bom is developing a deck-building roguelike game called ‘Archetype Blue.’ The team consists of industry veterans with experience at major game companies like Netmarble, Nexon, and Wemade. They are dedicated to creating indie games with compelling stories that provide a unique gaming experience.

Amid the flood of indie games, Codename Bom stands out by emphasizing storytelling, aiming to create a “movie-like game.” ‘Archetype Blue,’ their flagship game, combines the medieval legend of ‘King Arthur’ and the theory of Carl Jung to create a game with a strong narrative. It’s a challenging role-playing game that stimulates users’ drive for exploration, combat, character growth, and emotional engagement.

Codename Bom is one of the residents of the Gyeonggi Global Game Center run by the Gyeonggi Content Agency. The center supports self-publishing projects and helps optimize the game for mobile platforms from the early stages of development, making global expansion more accessible. The team is also preparing for a global launch with translations in English, Chinese, and Japanese. With a focus on creating a well-rounded game experience, Codename Bom aims to absorb a niche audience of devoted players.

The team’s background is quite impressive, with members who have 17 years of experience in game development at companies like Netmarble, Nexon, and Wemade, as well as pixel artists, programmers, and a scenario writer from a theatrical background. Codename Bom’s achievements have not gone unnoticed. They received positive feedback at various gaming events, including the Gyeonggi Game Audition, the Busan Indie Connect Festival, and the Indie Craft Festival. The team’s accomplishments have attracted the interest of investors, and they are actively discussing further funding.

Codename Bom’s goal is to create games with strong narratives that are enjoyable, unique, and can potentially be expanded into intellectual property (IP) franchises. Many successful games are based on compelling stories, and storytelling games can evolve into valuable IP. Codename Bom believes that, with their dedicated team of scenario experts, they can bring something special to the gaming industry.

‘Archetype Blue’ is currently in development and incorporates the medieval legend of King Arthur and the ideas of Carl Jung into a deck-building roguelike game. It aims to engage players emotionally and provide a challenging yet rewarding gaming experience. Codename Bom’s vision is to offer a game that blends storytelling with innovative gameplay, and they have successfully demonstrated the appeal of their project at various events.

Codename Bom is working on making ‘Archetype Blue’ a complete and engaging game that targets a niche audience. They aim to absorb a devoted fan base by providing opportunities for replayability and continually improving the game. The team’s strong backgrounds, successful track record in the gaming industry, and focus on story-driven games make Codename Bom a competitive and promising company.

In addition to being a successful gaming startup, Codename Bom is planning to expand beyond PC gaming, aiming to release their game on console and mobile platforms. They have taken mobile optimization into account from the early stages of development, which will facilitate their service expansion. This demonstrates their forward-thinking approach and flexibility in adapting to different gaming platforms.

Codename Bom is currently in discussions with investors, including ENSL Partners and Bliss Vine Ventures, and they have received recognition from gaming events like the Playx4 festival, where they achieved the highest rating in terms of enjoyable gameplay. They also received awards such as the IndieCraft Festival’s Excellence Award for an emerging startup and the WeMade Indie Award. These accomplishments reflect Codename Bom’s potential and competitive edge.

The team at Codename Bom is composed of industry veterans with a wealth of experience in game development, making them well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the gaming industry. Their passion for games and innovative storytelling sets them apart, and they are confident in their growth prospects. Codename Bom’s portfolio is expanding, and they are actively planning and participating in future projects.

In conclusion, Codename Bom is rapidly growing and has the potential to become a major player in the gaming industry. Their team’s experience, strong focus on storytelling, and global expansion strategy make them an attractive investment opportunity. Their impressive track record and future goals position them as a company to watch in the gaming market.

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