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QPerfect’s Virtual Quantum Computer Powers Up at ComeUp 2023

2023-11-11 2 min read

QPerfect’s Virtual Quantum Computer Powers Up at ComeUp 2023

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[Editor’s Note] ComeUp 2023 has truly become a global startup festival, with international startup teams making up 60% of the total participants. In a mini-interview, Wowtale introduces some of the foreign startups taking part in this event. Special thanks to BigBang Angels and Oumaima.

Deep-tech firm QPerfect has made a quantum leap. They say they have created the world’s most powerful virtual quantum computer. Their advanced platform simulates thousands of qubits with unprecedented fidelity, surpassing current quantum computers in performance.

Embodying power, universality, and accessibility, QPerfect’s innovation allows for the simulation of various qubit types on standard PCs, broadening quantum computing’s reach. This breakthrough is expected to catalyze the quantum application market, enhancing the technology’s overall value.

QPerfect is partnering with governments, universities, and companies globally to build custom quantum solutions, focusing on major issues like climate change. Following their participation at ‘ComeUp 2023’, they aim to collaborate with the Korean government and local startups.

This strategic move by QPerfect could significantly contribute to the global advancement of quantum technology, marking a new era for quantum research and application development worldwide.

Q1. Please introduce your company and your product.

QPerfect is a deeptech company created by a world class team of quantum computing experts. The company is based in the European Center for Quantum Science, in Strasbourg, France.

We have created the world’s most powerful, high fidelity virtual quantum computer, going well beyond all existing quantum computers in terms of performance.

Q2. What are the key strengths of your product or service?

Our product boasts impressive strengths:

Powerful Performance: Achieving a near-perfect fidelity rate, our solution can simulate thousands of qubits.

Universality: It’s designed to simulate any qubit type, including cold atom, superconducting, and photonics-based qubits.

Accessibility: Qperfect is user-friendly, compatible with standard PCs. The ease of use encourages widespread quantum development, fostering the creation of diverse applications and generating increased value over time.

Q3. What have been your achievements so far?

We are working with governments, universities and companies of all sizes to help build their own quantum computers and associated software, to address global issues such as climate change. 

Q4. What motivated you to participate in ComeUp 2023?

We participated in ‘ComeUp 2023’ to meet with potential partners, investors in Korea and beyond.

Q5. What type of collaboration do you anticipate with the South Korean startup ecosystem?

The Korean government has announced a $2 billion investment to create a strong quantum ecosystem. We are happy to support this growth with our technology and expertise, and are looking to cooperate with the Korean government and Korean quantum startups in the following weeks and months.

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