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Heart-Travel Secures Seed funding to Expand Unique Dating Platform

2024-01-26 2 min read


Heart-Travel Secures Seed funding to Expand Unique Dating Platform

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Korean startup Chemi Company, which operates the ‘heart-travel‘ service, has successfully secured a seed investment from The Invention Lab.

Operated by Chemi Company, ‘heart-travel’ is a service enabling singles to join group travels to find romantic partners. Differing from conventional dating services, it does not require users to post personal information online. Instead of one-on-one meetings akin to interviews, it offers group interactions at travel destinations. This unique approach has garnered popularity among those seeking serious relationships and natural encounters.

Since its launch as an in-house venture of LG Uplus in April last year, ‘heart-travel’ has shown rapid growth. In just six months, it achieved 1,500 members, 750 paid applicants, a 47% match rate, and the emergence of its first married couple.

Soo-young Park, CEO of Chemi Company, shared, “We not only select mutually appealing individuals for enjoyable gatherings but also facilitate deeper connections among them. Our program ensures transparency in participant identities and offers various scenarios such as team activities, meal preparations, and one-on-one conversations. This approach contributes to our high match rate and the formation of successful marriages.”

The heart of ‘heart-travel’s matching system, a preference prediction model, is sophisticatedly developed using unique data, not accessible through traditional dating apps or social networking services. This model promises high-quality matches from the onset of participant selection.

Contrasting with typical dating apps, which often fail to facilitate real-life meetings and rely on in-app profile evaluations and behavior for match recommendations, ‘heart-travel’ collects mutual selections and evaluations from actual offline interactions. This method enables more precise preference predictions.

Jin-young Kim, CEO of The Invention Lab, who led the seed investment, emphasized, “It’s a groundbreaking approach that significantly addresses the limitations of existing matchmaking services. By removing the burden of public exposure of personal information and managing post-meeting relationship formation, it substantially enhances customer value.”

He further stated, “With a balanced gender ratio of 55:45 among members and applicants, high per capita payment, and strong reapplication/re-participation rates, there’s immense potential to create a new market and culture in the dating sector. This can be achieved by attracting new users through focused system development and marketing.”

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