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Bizplay Secures 3B KRW from Yanolja for Strategic Travel Services Collaboration

2024-04-15 < 1 min read


Bizplay Secures 3B KRW from Yanolja for Strategic Travel Services Collaboration

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Bizplay, a South Korean startup specializing in corporate expense management, has announced securing an investment of KRW 3 billion from yanolja. The partnership aims to enhance their strategic collaboration to reinforce a leading position in business travel services. The companies plan to offer differentiated and competitive business travel services, both domestically and internationally, by combining bizplay’s travel solutions with yanolja’s infrastructure and content.

Through this partnership, bizplay aims to expand its user base and further develop its corporate travel and expense management solutions. Yanolja will contribute by supplying travel content and offering travel products tailored to bizplay’s services.

Additionally, bizplay announced a strategic investment agreement with JB Financial Group on March 29, focusing on various business areas, including travel services. The added investment and collaboration with yanolja, Korea’s leading travel app, are expected to significantly enhance Bizplay’s business travel services strategy.

Hong-gi Kim, CEO of bizplay, commented, “We anticipate that the collaboration and investment from yanolja, Korea’s top travel app, will bring our travel services closer to achieving exceptional customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to ensuring this partnership fosters growth and development for both companies.”

Soo-jin Lee, General Manager at yanolja, added, “By partnering with bizplay, a leader in the corporate travel service market, we look forward to delivering superior services to our business travel clients. We are eager to work closely with bizplay to generate diverse synergies in travel services.”

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