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Signature Label Secures Seed Investment for Global K-Beauty Expansion

2024-03-27 2 min read


Signature Label Secures Seed Investment for Global K-Beauty Expansion

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The South Korean startup Signature Label, specializing in global K-beauty distribution, has recently secured seed investment from CJ Investment and Atinum Partners.

Signature Label facilitates the international expansion of K-beauty brands and has introduced its skincare brand ZIGTAG both locally and abroad. Founded in March of the preceding year by Lee Jeong-min, formerly of B2Link, renowned for aiding the successful expansion of South Korean cosmetic brands SKIN1004 and NINE WISHES into Southeast Asia, alongside co-founder and COO Kim Yunjin, previously with Bluepoint Partners.

Currently, the company is broadening its overseas distribution network to include approximately 30 domestic beauty brands, collaborating with major distribution partners in over ten countries, such as Beautyhaul in Indonesia, TDIC in Vietnam, TJX in the United States, and Wellness Beaute in Japan.

ZIGTAG, launched in August of the prior year targeting global consumers, is an innovative K-skincare brand known for its exceptional functionality, unique concept, and competitive pricing. The proceeds from this investment round will be directed towards achieving global success for ZIGTAG and other domestic cosmetic brands.

CJ Investment, the primary investor in this round, expressed confidence in Signature Label’s ability to rapidly expand globally and achieve results, citing its robust network in the global distribution market and expertise in product planning and production. They anticipate ZIGTAG, developed with a deep understanding of global market needs, to swiftly gain popularity as a K-skincare brand worldwide.

Signature Label stated, “The current global surge of interest in K-beauty, particularly among the MZ generation, presents a significant opportunity for the overseas success of domestic indie brands and ZIGTAG. Signature Label is dedicated to promptly recognizing exceptional domestic products and utilizing all necessary expertise and networks to ensure overseas success, thus creating success stories for K-beauty brands that are cherished worldwide.”

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