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Meemong Raises Seed Funding to Innovate Hair Model-Designer Matching

2024-03-30 2 min read


Meemong Raises Seed Funding to Innovate Hair Model-Designer Matching

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Meemong, a platform dedicated to connecting hair models with hair designers, operated by the South Korean Meemong Company, has secured seed funding from investors including ManLap. This investment will be channeled towards enhancing the platform’s features, broadening marketing efforts, and expanding the team.

Having recently surpassed 10,000 members, Meemong serves as a bridge between hair models nationwide and hair designers, allowing designers to meticulously document their styling work. The platform is designed to help designers efficiently compile a portfolio of their procedures, encapsulating their expertise and dedication.

In addition to connecting designers and models, Meemong provides models with complimentary services and guides them through procedures related to portrait rights and contracts, among other supplementary information. It also equips beauty professionals with critical tools for job searches, a marketplace for beauty products, and customer management.

Yoo Ju-ho, the CEO of Meemong Company, remarked, “Meemong is crafted not just for salon owners but with the individual beautician, taking into account the nuanced differences from traditional hair salon services.”

He further emphasized, “Despite the presence of a mentorship culture in the Korean beauty industry and several attempts by major corporations to enter the market, Meemong stands out by persistently catering to the needs of designers. Moving forward, we aim to extend our reach beyond mere beauty services, challenging the broader beauty industry.”

Yoo Ju-ho shared his vision for the future, stating, “Meemong is committed to becoming a platform that delivers unparalleled value to both hair models and designers, through continuous innovation and thoughtful service.”

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