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Amber Road Wins DCamp Award at October DDay Event

2023-10-28 4 min read

Amber Road Wins DCamp Award at October DDay Event

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On October 26, South Korean startup support organization DCamp hosted its October DDay event. At this event, Amber Road was the recipient of the DCamp Award. Naver Cloud co-hosted the event. 

DDay provided all participating companies with the opportunity to occupy DCamp and Front1, DCamp’s entrepreneurial spaces, for up to one year and the possibility of investment up to KRW 300 million. Naver Cloud offered collaborative opportunities with Naver affiliates and provided a KRW 2 million annual usage voucher.

Amber Road specializes in enhancing productivity for the manufacturing sector with its “Minor Report” solution. This tool uses AI to analyze data input based on performance goals, offering insights to boost productivity. For example, if production process data is entered, Minor Report will identify potentially defective products, enabling preemptive action. Its ease of use, with anyone able to learn it in just 10 minutes, is one of its advantages. Amber Road has succeeded in reducing project completion times by half and improving ROI in a project with POSCO.

Fika.d provides an AI solution to maximize conversion rates by analyzing customer exploration data based on online product detail pages. By connecting self-collected customer interest content data to existing data like gender, age, and purchasing history, Fika.d can enhance the level of analysis with AI. During pilot testing, the conversion rate increased by around 17%. Fika.d has signed contracts with D2C companies with annual revenues exceeding KRW 10 billion and is aiming to enter the global market, with a focus on Japan.

Kokkan Logis operates an AI-based cargo transportation brokerage service called “Primo.” Primo offers the best transportation price based on transportation data, helping improve cargo owner profit structures. The service provides real-time access to dispatch status from cargo registration to completion. Furthermore, Kokkan Logis collaborates with financial institutions to pay carriers 100% of their freight fees five days after transportation, irrespective of when the cargo owner makes payment. The company has been actively involved with prominent enterprises like Homeplus, KT, and AHC since it opened in March. As of September, it has achieved accumulated revenues of KRW 310 million and plans to launch services in the Japanese market next year.

Pairy operates SaaS service “Salesclue” for effective B2B sales and marketing. Salesclue allows users to monitor recipient reactions to PDF documents with B2B marketing/sales purposes, such as product introductions and business proposals. Users can track recipient reading, reading time, and interests, enabling them to formulate sales strategies more effectively. The service also allows the insertion of links like an “inquire” button in proposals. Salesclue was released in beta service in November last year and introduced its first paid model in June. Currently, over 150 companies are actively using the service, with customers including Deal, Toss Payments, and SK Planet. In late 2023, Salesclue will release “Leadclue,” a solution developed considering its experience with Salesclue and targeting the global market.

SpaceVision has developed the AI-based outdoor advertising platform “Attention:D” that measures performance. While online advertising features various advertising techniques and analysis solutions, outdoor advertising is predominantly based on exposure. Attention:D uses AI and cameras to analyze passersby, providing optimized advertising exposure and attention analysis data. The company’s patented technology enables privacy-friendly analysis without intrusion concerns. SpaceVision is actively involved in outdoor advertising markets for large domestic corporations and has been recognized for its technology, participating in exhibitions like CES and ISE in 2024.

Aicy provides AI-based automated financial task SaaS. When companies upload their accounting books to Aicy, the platform automatically generates financial reports, eliminating the need for data processing. While it takes an average of 10 to 16 hours to complete financial analysis based on a month’s ledger data, Aicy can do it in just three minutes. Additionally, Aicy offers 15 financial insights, such as revenue trends and contribution profit analysis, visualized with charts and graphs. Aicy was selected for the TIPS program in May and is planning to expand to North America in 2024.

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