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Prevenotics Secures Investment for AI-Based Cancer Prevention from 500 Global

2024-04-04 2 min read


Prevenotics Secures Investment for AI-Based Cancer Prevention from 500 Global

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Prevenotics, a South Korean startup specializing in artificial intelligence-based software for cancer prevention diagnosis and patient management, has received a seed bridge investment from 500 Global. The company is dedicated to actively preventing cancer by systematically diagnosing a range of high-risk diseases from the pre-cancerous stage and seamlessly integrating these diagnoses with patient management. 

It offers AI-based real-time diagnostic technology for endoscopies and patient management functionalities. Leveraging South Korea’s extensive endoscopic data, Prevenotics has enhanced the diagnostic accuracy for patients at high risk of gastric cancer with its AI-based endoscopic image analysis software, which recently earned a Class 2 medical device certification.

Shin Dong-yeop, an investment analyst at 500 Global, commented, “In contrast to existing technologies that were focused on diagnosing diseases during gastroscopies, Prevenotics’ approach targets the proactive diagnosis and management of diseases from the stage of intestinal metaplasia, a pre-cancerous condition. The software, developed on the foundation of extensive endoscopic data, is expected to make a significant global impact in preventing gastric cancer among high-risk groups, including Asians, Hispanics, and Blacks.”

Jang Soo-yeon, the CEO of Prevenotics, founded the AI healthcare startup drawing on over 15 years of experience in business development within global pharmaceutical companies.

CEO Jang stated, “The achievement of this medical device certification marks the beginning of commercializing our AI solution for gastric cancer prevention. Looking ahead, we plan to expand our offerings to include diagnostic and patient management solutions aimed at preventing not only gastric cancer but also colorectal and liver cancers, ultimately creating an ecosystem aimed at achieving Zero Cancer.”

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