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[Korean Startup Weekly News #11] South Korean Tablet Menu Provider T’order Raises $25M, Valued at $250M

2024-03-31 4 min read

[Korean Startup Weekly News #11] South Korean Tablet Menu Provider T’order Raises $25M, Valued at $250M

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South Korean Tablet Menu Provider T’order Raises $25M, Valued at $250M
South Korean tablet menu provider T’order secures $25M in Series B funding, tripling its valuation to $250M. KDB and LB Investment participated.

Daangn Records First Profit in 8 Years with Remarkable Growth in 2023
Daangn, a South Korean second-hand trading platform, achieved its first annual profit since its 2015 inception, with significant revenue growth and advertising success in 2023.

Korean Government News

Five Seoul-Based Innovators Achieve Approximately 39.7 Billion KRW in SCSE
The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced significant achievements by Seoul’s innovative companies at the SCSE in Taipei, highlighting successful global engagement and technology showcases.

Latest Funding News

WIRobotics Secures KRW 13 Billion in Series A for Wearable Robot Innovation
South Korean startup WIRobotics raises KRW 13 billion in Series A to advance wearable robots, launching innovative products like WIM and enhancing their technology and market presence.

Korean Web3 Enabler PARAMETA Raises $7.5M, Total Funding Reaches $20.8M
PARAMETA, a South Korean Web3 enabler, raises $7.5M, hitting $20.8M. Backed by Shinhan Venture Investment, it aims for tech innovation and international growth.

Korean LNP Tech Firm SURGINEX Raises KRW 8.5 Billion, Expands Global Reach
SURGINEX, specializing in LNP technology in Korea, raises KRW 8.5 billion, enhancing its pipeline and aiming for global leadership in biotech innovation.

Mindlogic Raises KRW 7 Billion from Lee Soo-man for AI Chatbot Innovation
Mindlogic, a Korean AI startup, secured KRW 7 billion in Series B funding led by Lee Soo-man for its chatbot technology, aiming for global expansion and technological advancement.

Talentree Secures KRW 2 Billion Funding to Connect Talents Through ‘Bungee’
Talentree, operating ‘Bungee’, raised KRW 2 billion in Pre-Series A funding, aiming to match companies with verified talents for project-based work, enhancing solutions with AI technology.

Readypost Raises Additional KRW 1 Billion, Leads in ‘Smart General Meeting’ Market
Readypost, a Korean prop-tech company, secured an additional KRW 1 billion in pre-Series A funding for its ‘Smart General Meeting’ platform ‘Chongone’.

Desilo, a Korean Security Startup, Secures Investment with Homomorphic Encryption Tech
Korean startup Desilo, specializing in homomorphic encryption tech, secures funding for North American market expansion and launches a revenue-generating data cleanroom platform.

MotionLabs Secures $440K Pre-Series A Investment for Re:Visit Solution
MotionLabs, a healthcare startup, secured $440K in pre-Series A funding for its Re:Visit solution, totaling $1.32M. The solution streamlines clinic patient management and data insights.

SOROCK Secures Pre-Seed Funding from 500 Global for Global K-Content
Korean company SOROCK, specializing in OSMU content, secured pre-seed investment from 500 Global to create high-quality, global-oriented webtoons and animations, leveraging extensive production experience.

Faraday Dynamics Attracts Seed Investment for High-Torque Servo Motor Innovation
Faraday Dynamics, a Korean company, secured seed funding from POSTECH Holdings, Bigbang Angels, and KingoSpring for innovative high-torque servo motors aimed at revolutionizing robotics.

Reliv AI Attracts Investments for AI-Powered Testing Automation
Reliv AI, an AI testing automation firm from South Korea, gains investment from Dunamu & Partners and Smilegate, led by young entrepreneur Seo Hee-su.

Korean Startup Interview

OS : A Korean Startup’s Atomic Layer Revolution in the Global Semiconductor Industry
OS Corporation, a Korean startup, specializes in atomic layer deposition and etching to compete with global giants, targeting entry into the semiconductor equipment market.

Korean Venture Capital News

461 Korean Accelerators, 667.1 Billion KRW Investment in 2023
In 2023, 461 Korean accelerators invested 667.1 billion KRW, reaching a cumulative investment of 2.7 trillion KRW.

SOPOONG VENTURES Invests in 29 Startups with KRW 14.1 Billion Fund Last Year
SOPOONG VENTURES, a Korean VC, launched a KRW 14.1 billion fund to invest in 29 startups last year, prioritizing climate tech and SaaS, with plans for local and global expansion.

Backpack Raises Series A Investment from Hashed for Solana-Based Blockchain Expansion
Backpack, a Solana blockchain company, secures Series A funding from Hashed, aiming to expand its technological innovations and solutions within the ecosystem.


Kurly Achieves Record Revenue and Reduces Losses in Landmark Year 2023
Korean company Kurly reports its highest-ever revenue of KRW 2.077 trillion in 2023, reducing annual losses by 40%, and marks a transformative year with structural improvements.

ZENTROPY Signs Deal to Export 5,000 Electric Motorcycles to Thai Firm SVI

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